Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ARC Book review: Carrying the Lost Heir's Child (The Barrington Trilogy #3) by Jules Bennett

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"I'm pregnant." Two words that will rock one man's world forever. 

On location for a film about a horse-racing dynasty, Lily Beaumont is drawn into a sizzling affair with sexy stable hand Nash James. Now she has to trust him with the truth about their baby. 

Even though the undercover millionaire is on a mission against his hated rival, he won't walk away from Lily or their unborn child. It will mean coming clean about his true identity—and the decades-old secret that brought him to Kentucky horse country. But will the truth cost him the woman and family he now craves?

Lily and Nash have been carrying on a secret affair.  Lily has been starring in a movie on the estate that's owned by the man they are filming about. If you have read the previous 2 books in this series you are familiar with all that but for this story we focus on one of the stars and a seeming great guy who just happens to be a stable hand. Except he is not just a great guy and a stable hand. Nash James is not who he says he is. He's got other reasons for being there. Already fighting his feelings for Lily then then the one thing that comes out of her mouth that changes everything. "I'm pregnant"! Now he has to figure out how to keep her and keep his secrets. Oh my gosh! This is my fav of the three books. You can tell Nash( who isn't really Nash) is stuck. He wants to do the right thing but so much is going on in his head he can't quite sort through everything fast enough to keep up with what's happening in his life. It's not just Lily and the baby but the whole family there he has come to admire and maybe love. He's nursed his hard feeling long enough that it's hard to give that up and see what he might be losing if he doesn't. Great emotion great characters in this fast but thoroughly full story. If you like to be able to get your reading done in one evening and still get story enjoyment this one is for you!

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