Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Book review: The Spy wore Spurs by Dana Marton


NO ORDINARY COWBOY Top secret commando soldier Ryder McKay is shot and  left for dead in South Texas. But when he comes to  in a bedroom on Grace Cordero's remote ranch, he realizes  the beautiful former army medic did more than save his life.  She risked her own. Not that he can tell her the whole truth about his mission. Ryder is sure dangerous thugs are using Grace's vast property to smuggle drugs, weapons-and people-across the border. But to prove it without blowing  his cover, he has to let her ride shotgun on the investigation. And keeping his heart guarded against sexy, off-limits Grace  will be the hardest part of all

The Spy Wore Spurs is another great little Harlequin Intrigue from Dana Marton. She always does such a great job with so few pages and this is no exception. This is a quick paced story. Book opens with Ryder McKay in a precarious position that is life or death and who comes to his rescue? That's right Grace Cordero the ex Army Medic who has done two tours in Iraq. Grace happens upon him and saves his life. Ryder is in the middle of a drug smuggling investigation on Grace's vast ranch. She comes back to her ranch that she rents out to a friend so she can scatter the ashes of her beloved brother who died from a illness that came from his Desert Storm service years ago. It doesn't take long though and Grace is embroiled in the investigation which takes a turn when a man and his 2 kids disappear after crossing the border from Mexico with valid visas. The man turns up dead but they can't find the kids. While the mystery slowly unravels Grace fights her inner demons from PTSD and feelings for Ryder. Ryder has been thinking about settling down and finding a woman who can be his partner if everything but doesn't think Grace fits the bill but can't help being drawn to her all the same. At the same time they are fighting a unknown enemy together whether they wish it or not.  I love that Dana shows a strong female character who is dealing with PTSD and not letting it win. She also brings out that Grace's brother was also Army and served in Desert Storm and had what many call Desert Storm Syndrome. This was something i looked into at one time since i am myself former Army and served in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. I love that no matter what Grace doesn't give in and believe me she takes a real licking in this story but comes out still standing in the end. 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for the The Spy wore Spurs by Dana Marton.

Find out more about Dana Marton on her website here http://danamarton.com/

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  1. Lisa - great review. I loved this book, too. Really good read!