Monday, December 4, 2017

eARC Book review: Best Man Under the Mistletoe (Texas Cattleman’s Club: Blackmail #12) by Jules Bennett


Available Dec 5th in paperback in ebook Dec 1st
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Christmas wedding bells are ringing!

Everyone in Royal, Texas, now knows former special agent Gabe Walsh’s connection to the blackmailer terrorizing the town. And Gabe’s suddenly guilty by association. Worst thing is, Chelsea Hunt blames him for the compromising photos of her that everyone’s talking about. But since he and Chelsea are planning the Christmas wedding of their best friends, Gabe has many opportunities to show the sexy cowgirl just what a good guy he really is. And apparently he’s pretty convincing, because she soon winds up in his bed! But is this just a holiday fling or the real thing?

Gabe Walsh is fighting for his reputation and that of his security company after his only relative a uncle is found to have been the one terrorizing the town of Royal where he lives. The Uncle's dead now but he's left a mess in his wake that Gabe is trying to clean up. Chelsea Hunt is someone Gabe admires and likes and she was one of the biggest victim of his uncles. Gabe's attracted to her but he doesn't trust in love anymore after the last person he loved turned out to be a spy working against him in his former job with the FBI. Chelsea has her own demons when it comes to love and trust. Her mother walked out on the family and her dad died of a broken heart. When they decide to have a fling for a few weeks while helping to get their friends wedding together what could go wrong? They aren't relationship people right? I liked this story. It's a continuation of a series by other Harlequin desire authors. It's a little hard to get into without reading the other previous books but the basics are covered well enough on history to get the gist. Gabe and Chelsea are perfect for each other. I loved watching them get together and learn to trust again. It's a quick read with a little over 200 pages. Perfect for the hectic holidays when you need to get away from reality a bit and sink into a juicy romance. 

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