Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update on me and my journey with Romance Biggest Winner!

Ok i meant to do this the first week of October which was the halfway point of Romance Biggest Winner. BUT like it happens sometimes i didn't get around to it and then forgot for a bit. We are heading into week 17 i think it is and more than halfway through the challenge. I have lost 22 lbs at this point. Feels good but my goal was 30 by January 5th which seemed crazy at the time but totally doable now. Fingers crossed!!!  Now that it's gotten colder I have pretty much given up outside exercise with one exception. Tell you about that in a minute. I primarily use my Wii for exercise. I use Zumba for Wii which i rent for $1 for 3 days at the library. Cheap way to try before you buy. I also use Wii's Gold's Gym too. They both give you a full body work out in dance form but Zumba seems to work my legs more and Gold's gym the arms more.  I also use My Fitness Pal online and for iPhone to track my calorie intake and exercise. It even keeps track of hip, thigh and waist measurements and exercise. I love it for iPhone i can take it with me anywhere and check calories etc.  Back to the one exception for outside exercise. I participated in my first 5 K in over 20 years this past Friday. Walking not running. I used to run in high school. I actually have not walked for exercise in a month so i was a bit leery BUT!!!! i ended up coming in first place in my age group with a time of 39 minutes and 36 seconds. I think i could've done better but i was figuring my way through the whole thing and it was dark. It was a Halloween walk. Pretty cool deal. I got a nifty medal for my trouble and bragging rights against my mom who does these all the time and was sure she'd beat me. She came in a couple minutes after me.  Anyway i am a bit worried about December. No one give me candy please. If you do it better be the really really good kind worth killing my calorie intake for the day. lol Lastly i want to share a couple before and after pictures. Well not the before one but you need it for impact. First one was taken July 5th or about and the 2nd Oct. 8th and that was at 18 lbs lost i believe. Follow along every Wednesday when results are posted on the Romance Biggest Winner blog to find out how everyone including me is doing. You can also search for the hashtag #RBW on twitter to find out what participants are saying. My cool team of authors and readers are called The Naughty Nine if you want to find us in particular. The Romance Biggest Winner blog is here http://romancebiggestwinner.blogspot.com/. Check there tomorrow to see how we all did with today's weigh in.


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  1. wow that's a big achievement!! Kudos for the effort and stay strong!! I don't think my hb will get me a wii just for exercising though :P

  2. Lisa, congratulations! You're an inspiration - and way to go on the 5K!

  3. You look amazing!

    I am hoping after my dr. appt tomorrow I can get back on the horse. I am still down but quit losing when I couldn't exercise anymore :( I better not really have a hernia LOL