Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ARC Book review: Struggling For Justice (Bantorus MC #6) by Debra Kayn

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Let's roll…

Natalie Oman's husband murdered his brother before committing suicide, leaving her a widow and struggling for her share of Meghoni Mine. She spends her time avoiding her remaining brother in law and his irrational agenda that someone else murdered both Oman brothers. Finally free from the threats and loneliness that came from her marriage, she's determined to find a place to teach her self-defense classes and move on with her life. The last thing she expects is a sexy biker to validate her dreams and work his way into her heart.

As the Vice President and the oldest member of the Bantorus MC, Federal Charter, Remmy Hollis lives life hard, wild, and free. Summertime means territory wars, beautiful women, trips back to Pitnam, and chaos. Until one rational decision changes the course of Remmy's life. The dangerous web of cover-ups surrounding Los Li—the Mexican mafia, puts a target on Natalie's back. Remmy will bury the secrets and take out anyone who tries to hurt the woman warming his back, even though Natalie's the one lady who deserves to know the truth.

—Each Bantorus MC book features a new couple with their own happily ever after—

This book picks up almost a year after Fighting to Ride book 5 in this series. Natalie Oman's husband was one of two brothers murdered by Los Li, the Mexican mafia. The three Oman brothers own Meghoni Mine. The mine is what sustains the town with jobs. To the public it looks like Natalie's husband killed one of his other brothers then killed himself. Natalie has knowledge no one else does about her husband and thinks that there was a good possibility that's what happened. The remaining Oman brother says no way and wants Natalie to help open a new investigation into the two other Oman brother's deaths. He can't believe it was murder/suicide.  Remmy Hollis is the oldest of the Bantourus guys in Federal MC. He's always gone his own way and enjoyed being single. Remmy comes to Natalie's rescue when he sees a man harassing her in a parking lot. He puts her on his bike and for guys in the MC that place is reserved for a woman for one of two reasons. Either she's in trouble or she's his wife. Natalie certainly qualifies for the first one. As Remmy finds out more about Natalie and her situation he feels guilt and he is attracted more and more to her. He knows that Los Li is responsible for her husband's death but no one can know that. It has to remain a secret because if it doesn't Los Li will definitely be back. Unfortunately Natalie's brother in law won't let it go. This is just one more exciting chapter into Debra Kayn's Bantourus MC series. The series keeps expanding to include a new generation and they are proving to be just as good as the original crew which luckily still pops up in these newer books. Remmy has to struggle with what's right and wrong and with his heart. He never thought he's find someone to love but even though he and Natalie seem like opposites they still seem to fit together quite nicely. Natalie has no idea how a Motorcycle club works but for Remmy she's willing to learn. It's fun to watch the two interact and deal with their attraction and the real danger Los Li presents. The secondary characters take turns stepping into the spotlight as well and give you a glimpse into future situations. Another great addition to the Bantourus MC series.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hot Cover Monday! One Hot Second by Stacy Gail

Available August 4th 2014
Carina Press

Parker Radclyffe is up against a wall. Thorne Mansion, the mysterious Italianate castle she's come to Texas to restore, isn't the problem. No matter how intriguing the relic is, it's merely an ember compared to the blazing magnetism of its owner, Chandler Thorne.

When his family mansion burned down, Chandler had to watch over a hundred years of proud history go up in smoke. After more than a year, he finally has everything in place to rebuild, including a renowned conservation architect to oversee the restoration. But when he lays eyes on Parker he realizes he's gotten more than he paid for. Maybe more than he can handle.

Parker is a military brat who never sits still long enough to get burned. Chandler is her opposite, a man with deep roots and deeper family secrets. It won't be easy to find the common ground it takes to build a home together, but Chandler is a Thorne in every sense. He plans to stick with Parker until she sees that love is more than worth the risk.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

ARC Book review: Should've Been Home Yesterday (Country Roads #3) by Inez Kelley

Available July 21st
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Book three of Country Roads

Thirteen years ago, Webb Hawkins and Clay McCreedy were best friends, more like brothers than business partners. Determined to push Hawkins Hardwood into the future, their lives were intertwined on every level. Until Webb came home and realized little Molly McCreedy had grown up.

Stay away from my baby sister. It was the one thing Clay had asked of Webb, but it was a promise Webb couldn't keep, and his actions did more than ruin their friendship—it changed everything. Now Clay is dead, Molly is pregnant after a night of memories and alcohol, and a guilt-ridden Webb needs to put things right.

As what begins as a marriage in name only slowly grows to include the love Webb and Molly have always kept carefully buried, a series of fires erupts across Black Cherry Canyon. And an infamous eco-terrorist sets his sights on Molly—the ultimate pawn in his vendetta against Hawkins Hardwood. To save one, Webb may have to let the other go…

This is the conclusion of the Country Roads trilogy. I've been lucky enough to read and review all three of these and was anxious to see what Inez Kelley would do with Webb. Webb has some serious demons haunting him. He blames himself for his best friend Clay's death.  Years ago after Clay found Webb with his little sister Molly he stalks off mad before Webb could explain. That evening started a chain of events that ended with Clay dead and Webb with not only serious physical injuries but emotional ones as well. He's been beating himself up and working at a ragged pace to try and make amends for what he feels his actions caused. Now after a night of too much drinking and poor judgment Molly is pregnant. Webb asks her to marry him. It's only right he thinks. He will take care of her but eventually she will leave. Poor Webb. He's so mixed up and guilt ridden he can't let the past go and see what he has right in front of him. His actions not only ruin his chances at happiness, which of course he thinks he doesn't deserve but also ruins Molly's happiness and eventually that same path could ruin his potential child's happiness. Follow that?  It takes a crazy man who is out to make Webb pay to finally see what he can have and deserves when he takes Molly hostage. Inez Kelley really pulls out all the stops in this final book. This story has contemporary romance elements mixed with romantic suspense and both are delivered in vivid color. I was rooting for Webb to finally forgive himself for something that was nothing more than a accident before he lost the precious future he could have if he wanted. 

Find out more about  the Country Roads Trilogy and Inez Kelley here www.Inezkelley.com

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ARC Book review: Ricochet (Renegades #3) by Skye Jordan

Available July 14th
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After a tragic incident in Afghanistan leaves Master Sergeant Nathan Ryker the only man standing in his tight-knit team, he spirals into an alcohol-and-sex induced escape. A call from his lifelong buddy pulls Ryker from the shadows with a request for help with his stunt company’s latest blockbuster. If Ryker can survive the next three weeks of leave and get back to his remaining men, he might just be all right. But a sexy woman who can take his mind off his trauma is too hard to resist, and when he hooks up with Renegades’ sultry, snarky office manager, his sanity takes a backseat to the first glimpse of a future he isn’t sure he deserves.

Still reeling from a bitter romantic betrayal, Rachel Hart wants nothing more than an uncomplicated hookup. So when the mysterious Nathan seduces her with a little dirty talk and one delicious kiss, Rachel drowns all her good sense in a Mandarin and soda and gives herself over to a night of sexual bliss. But her memories tarnish in the morning light when Rachel discovers his real identity and his link to Renegades. Her job and her friends are the only thing holding her life together, and she won’t be ruined by one sultry night with this damaged and dangerously sexy man.

While this is book three in this series i feel this book can be read as a stand alone as i have not read the first two books and did not feel lost out in left field. Nathan Ryker is a man that has seen a lot of bad things in his life. Starting with a crappy childhood and then later in his military career. His one constant is his best friend Troy who is also a part of the Renegades stunt company. After losing all but one of his team members in Afghanistan he's sent home on leave for several weeks til he gets his head on straight. Troy asks him to use his EOD experience to blow up a bridge for a stunt.  Rachel Hart is the Renegades office manager. She's kind of a jack of all trades for the guys and a little sister to them as well. When she's tasked to pick up Ryker from the airport a mix up causes her to think she missed him there but when she wanders into the bar at the airport she meets a sexy hot man and decides to to embrace her wild side (something she has never done)and take him to the hotel she was supposed to take Ryker to. Thing is she doesn't know it, but  she just picked Ryker up.  After a night of hot passionate sexcapades Rachel takes off and Ryker ( Nathan)  regrets not being up front with her but figures he won't see her.  So wrong! When he arrives at the Renegades on site office he runs  straight into Rachel. Sparks fly between the two as they try to keep it a secret from the rest of the guys and try to keep away from each other. It seems like an impossible task even with all the things thrown at them from demands of the job to a rival for Rachel's affections. Adding to that is Rachel's recent relationship issues with her former fiance and Nathan's PTSD that he is in denial of having. Skye Jordan tears up the pages with her steamy hot love scenes and brings on the tears with her recounting of everything Nathan has been through in his life especially his military time. You just want to reach out and hug Nathan when he relives the last event with his team in Afghanistan. It's a solid reminder of what our troops have to deal with after serving in a war arena.  An amazing mix of love, laughter and even stark terror at times, Skye Jordan takes you through it all and gives us a exciting and thought provoking story. 

Find out more about this series and author Skye Jordan here  www.skyejordanauthor.com