Monday, June 25, 2018

eARC Book review: Built to Last (Black Knights Inc. #12) by Julie Ann Walker


Available June 26th 2018
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Masterful, mysterious, and completely ruthless, Jamin “Angel” Agassi joined the Black Knights Inc. after a mission-gone-wrong forced him to undergo extensive plastic surgery and change his name. He's going to bring down the world's worst crime syndicate, and hopefully keep Sonya Butler, a love from his past, from discovering who he really is...

When a dark-eyed stranger gets caught up in Sonya’s latest mission, she starts to question all her hard-won instincts. Something about Angel tells her he's more than he seems, and sometimes, when she least expects it, he reminds her of a man she used to know. As the bullets fly, she realizes that in love and war nothing is ever what it seems...

Last book in this series. Julie Ann Walker wraps up for Black Knights Inc series with Angel's book. Angel has been a bit of Enigma since he showed up in this series. He's just kind been here and there and we didn't know anything about him. Sonya meets Angel on her latest mission. Both think each other is a bad guy until a confrontation shows the truth.  Angel knows Sonya or at least he did in his past life before surgeries and a name change. A lot about Angel triggers Sonya's memories of a man she loved deeply before he was killed. What she doesn't know and what Angel doesn't want to tell her is he is that man.  I have to say this is kind of a twofer because beside Angel's story we get the rest of Ace and Rusty's story. I enjoyed Sonya and Angel getting to know each other again but it kind of got old somewhere in the middle for a bit. I like that Sonya was more than she seemed at first. The more the story went on the more we knew about her and of course her life she has with Angel before his faked death and disappearance. Angel seems like the guy that nothing gets to him. Sonya get's to him and it just about destroys him when he realizes all he gave up all those years ago.  Rusty and Ace are on this mission to finally catch Spider with Ozzie in tow. Both denying feelings for each other until one of them almost dies. Seeing that play out and the barriers Rusty thought he had with his family disappear was exciting. Great wrap up to the series and a huge hint at the end that it might not quite be over for some of the BKI guys. Julie Ann Walker is going to keep up guessing for a bit if we see these characters again and if so which ones. 

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

eARC Book review: Hooked On You (Chicago Rebels #3) by Kate Meader


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The steamy Chicago Rebels series returns with this racy and sassy tale of embittered hearts, second chances, and going for the goal—on and off the ice.

Violet Vasquez never met her biological father, so learning he left his beloved hockey franchise—the Chicago Rebels—to her is, well, unexpected. Flat broke and close to homeless, Violet is determined to make the most of this sudden opportunity. Except dear old dad set conditions that require she takes part in actually running the team with the half-sisters she barely knows. Working with these two strangers and overseeing a band of hockey-playing lugs is not on her agenda…until she lays eyes on the Rebels captain and knows she has to have him.

Bren St. James has been labeled a lot of things: the Puck Prince, Lord of the Ice, Hell’s Highlander...but it’s the latest tag that’s making headlines: washed-up alcoholic has-been. This season, getting his life back on track and winning the Cup are his only goals. With no time for relationships—except the fractured ones he needs to rebuild with his beautiful daughters—he’s finding it increasingly hard to ignore sexy, all-up-in-his-beard Violet Vasquez. And when he finds himself in need of a nanny just as the playoffs are starting, he’s faced with a temptation he could so easily get hooked on.

For two lost souls, there’s more on the line than just making the best of a bad situation… there might also be a shot at the biggest prize of all: love.

Violet has always been out on the outside. She had her mom and aunts growing up but she never had the family she wanted. Then her dad died and she became 1/3 owner of a major hockey team with her two half sisters she's never met. Bren thought he had it all, thhe wife, the kids the house and the hockey career he wanted. Then it all went down the drain and alcohol about did him in. When the Chase girls took over the management of his hockey team they gave him a chance to get his life back and he grabbed at it. 

I came late to this series. This being the first book in the series that I've read. The blurb pulled me in and got me interested in reading it. Violet does not give herself the value she deserves. Her sisters try to get her to see it but it's Bren who makes her realize her own worth. Bren on the other hand had self value but lost some of that when alcohol took over his life and now even though he's fighting his way out of all that he's harboring a lot of guilt. I enjoyed watching these two come at each other and help lift each other up. Bren has two daughters in this story and they were so adorable with their dad and Violet. The secondary characters were interesting and fun and it made me wish i had read the previous two books in this series to find out their stories too. I don't think reading this one with out the first two took away from this story at all which is always awesome! I do think it probably would have been enhanced by doing so though. I'm thinking now i need to read more from this author.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

eARC Book review: Threat of Danger (Mission Recovery #2) by Dana Marton


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Falling in love can be a deadly proposition in this pulse-quickening Mission Recovery novel from the New York Times bestselling author.

Jess Taylor and Derek Daley were in the throes of first love in a small Vermont town when they were kidnapped by a serial killer. They escaped his clutches—but not the trauma of the unsolved crime. With their lives changed forever and their romance cut short, they went their separate ways to exorcise their fears.

Jess is living on the edge as Hollywood’s hottest stuntwoman. It’s no longer terror thrumming through her veins. It’s adrenaline. Derek is a former Navy SEAL spinning his ordeals into heart-pounding bestselling thrillers. But when Jess is called home on a family emergency, she must face the past—and face the man she left behind, who is just as haunted and, like her, still so much in love.

Now, as an old flame reignites, Jess and Derek are taking advantage of second chances and putting their bad memories behind them. But here, in the quiet town of Taylorville, a killer is getting a second chance as well.

Jess and Derek had a young love full of promise until they were kidnapped and terrorized by a madman. They weren't supposed to get away but they did.  After that they were over. Each went their own way and dealt with what happened in their own way. Now ten years later they're back in Vermont back in the same town. Derek never forgot Jess and never stopped loving her. Jess tried to forget and she tried to blame Derek. She's back to take care of her ailing mother for a bit then she's out of there. Except that madman is still out there. They were told he drowned but he didn't. I enjoyed this book. Both Derek and Jess survived their ordeal and spent years getting stronger and smarter. Derek wants Jess back in his life and Jess struggles NOT to be in his life but it's a losing battle. Packed with drama, action and sitting on the edge of your seat suspense Dana Marton does not disappoint. This is the 2nd book in this series but is absolutely a stand alone. Word of warning this book is high on the suspense and  the thriller vibe. If that's your thing this is the book for you. With everything Jess and Derek survived and  with what they became i was rooting for them from page one.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

eARC Book review: The Hitwoman in a Pickle (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #18) by J.B. Lynn


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What kind of trouble is Maggie in this time? 

The klutzy contract killer must enlist the help of both her psychic friend, Armani, and her ever-growing collection of talking pets, as she desperately searches for not one, but two, missing relatives. 

At the same time she’s trying to keep the peace in her crazy family and complete an unwanted assignment from mob boss, Delveccio, which could end with her on ice. 

And oh yeah, she’s got a date with a certain hot manny. 

Maggie and friends follow a crazy and convoluted path to try to save the day, but will an unexpected enemy get the upper hand? 

Maggie as always is juggling a lot of balls in the air. The woman has the craziest life and although most of us don't have the same issues she has I bet many can relate to juggling. Her menagerie of  talking animals is growing too. Each is frustrating but vital to Maggie. Maggie's mom disappears yet again which leads to more questions and more trouble. Finally Maggie goes on a date with Angel. Which of course does not go as planned. Mayhem follows her everywhere. Like every installments of this series there's a bit of everything going on in this book. You'll definitely laugh but there is always suspense and danger mixed in and lot of craziness and secret's revealed. If you really enjoy a fun read this is a excellent series. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys shorter but packed full of entertainment books. I have never read one of these and not laughed. Excellent story telling that leaves you primed for the next book.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

eARC Book review:A Rancher's Song (Heart Falls #2) by Vivian Arend


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Ivy Field's heart nearly broke when she left Heart Falls, but her high school sweetheart insisted she follow-through on her dream of becoming a teacher. She thought that meant putting their relationship on hold briefly, but it's taken eleven years to return. Now she's back, no longer a painfully shy young girl but a confident woman who knows exactly what and who she wants--a home and a family--with too-sexy-for-his-boots Walker Stone. He was her first; she wants him to be her last.

Walker "Dynamite" Stone was still reeling from his parents' unexpected deaths when Ivy left. He let her go, throwing himself into work on the Silver Stone ranch and dangerous living on the rodeo circuit. But lately Walker's adrenaline junkie ways have crashed--he's having panic attacks. Potentially devastating to his budding music career, they're a deadly handicap when shooting for eight seconds aboard an angry bull. He needs to learn to face his fears to save the family fortunes. If he succeeds, this time Walker will be the one to leave Heart Falls, and Ivy, behind.

Will Ivy and Walker have to give up on forever, or can they turn this rancher's song into a winning duet?

This is the second in Vivian Arend's spin off series from the Coleman's six pack ranch series. Ivy left town 11 years ago to chase her dream. Walker had to let her go. This is one of those second chance love stories. Ivy and Walker have some secrets in the years since they were last together and while Ivy knows what she wants for her future Walker is unsure. The one thing he does know is he wants Ivy. I really loved this story. Ivy has some issues with her health and Walker totally gets her even after being apart for 11 years he remembers what she needs. Walker is having some problems with anxiety and panic attacks and Ivy helps him figure out what's going on. It's so sweet how they are there for each other. Ivy is there to stay but Walker is still trying to figure out where he belongs still. His heart says with Ivy but he feels he needs to help provide cash for the family ranch. The question is how he can do that and be with Ivy. By the end of this story you get all the squishy good feelings. If you have not read a Vivian Arend book this is a good series to start with. I can't wait for the next story.

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